Elaine & Logan’s Wedding

We are so excited to be able to celebrate our wedding with you all!

Below you will find some helpful info including detailed instructions on locating the Chalet for the evening’s gathering, some local resources, and our registry.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to text (760) 799-2202.

🗺 How do I get to the Chalet?

⚠️ IMPORTANT NOTE: At this time, Apple Maps is the only major smartphone GPS that will give accurate directions to the front door of the Chalet. Google Maps gives incomplete directions, and Waze will not route directions at all.

⬇️ Please be sure to carefully follow the directions below if you don’t have access to Apple Maps.


Off of Hwy 101, turn onto Herrick Rd.

Travel 0.9 miles to 907 Herrick Road and turn left onto the dirt road.

There are two dirt roads that immediately ‘Y’ to the left and right. Stay to the left of the telephone pole and to the right of the blue house,  traveling down the dirt road that is lined with the boulders on either side. It is going to feel like you’re driving into someone else driveway, just keep going. You’ll pass a yellow sign on the right that says SLOW, 10 MPH, CHILDREN.

Please note that this road is only wide enough for one car to pass along much of its distance. Please travel slowly, looking out for oncoming traffic. Pull over to allow oncoming traffic to pass, if necessary. It is imperative that you drive VERY SLOWLY out of respect for our neighbors and your safety.

Continue on this road, after .18 miles you will pass the yellow Elwha Ranch B & B sign on your left. The road bends to the right here. Make the bend and continue on.

You will pass through an open gate with a Terra Vista Chalet sign. Continue on another 0.2 mile until you reach the circle drive of the Chalet.

Veer left into the circle drive.

🚙 Where do I park?

Feel free to temporarily park in front of the cover entry to unload. After unloading, please continue to the parking area as per the directional signage.


We have compiled a list of local resources that may be helpful to you during your time in the area.

🍽 Local Eating – Here you will find a list of breakfast, lunch, and dinner spots and coffee stands organized by their distance from the chalet.

🚙 Local Services – At the link, you will find a myriad of services, from gas/charging stations to equipment rentals to laundromats.

🛍 Local Shopping – Whether you are looking for groceries, equipment, or souvenirs, you’ll find a selection of local stores here.

🤍 Our Registry:

Your presence celebrating with us is the best gift of all! However, should you wish to honor us with a gift, here is a link to our registry: www.zola.com/registry/loganandelaine